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Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Landscaping enhances our home’s appearance, but it also comes with quite a bit of maintenance. Large trees, from maples to sycamores, can generate large amounts of leaves, and the average lawn can produce as much as 750 pounds of grass clippings per year.

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), yard waste materials account for nearly 20% of all garbage generated each year. In our “throw away” society, we find it easier to dispose of things we consider useless than to find a way to reuse and recycle. When yard waste is thrown into landfills, it truly becomes useless, degrading slowly with garbage in a non-composting-friendly environment.

In some states, yard waste is no longer accepted in landfills. This leaves homeowners with the only option of disposing of these materials at landscape composting sites, or creating their own home-composting system.

Busy Bee is happy to accept the following yard and landscaping waste from your home: weeds, leaves, grass clippings, dead flowers or plants, non-woody yard waste, acorns, pine cones, needles, sod, and garden waste. To learn more about accepted and not accepted materials click here.

Our drop-off location is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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