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  • Where is Busy Bee located?
    Our two locations are listed below - Mosinee, WI (Stevens Point area): 780 Redfield Road in Mosinee, Wisconsin. - Plymouth, WI (Sheboygan area): W5032 Garton Road in Plymouth, Wisconsin. Both locations include a composting facility, yard waste drop-off site, and compost pick-up site.
  • What are your location hours?
    Our physical location hours vary depending on delivery schedules. Note: Please call ahead before stopping by either location (920-918-9539) as we may be out on a delivery for the day. The yard waste drop-off site is always open during daylight hours.
  • Can I purchase compost at your location?
    Yes, compost is available to purchase at both locations. We also have a list of stockists near our Mosinee location. (See on Mosinee location page)
  • What type of payment do you accept?
    We accept card, cash, or check for deliveries/pick up.
  • What was your previous business name?
    Busy Bee Compost was originally called Busy B Gardens for many years. With a change to new ownership, the name was updated to focus solely on offering compost and composting services.
  • How can I contact you?
    Phone: 920-918-9539 Email:
  • What is compost?
    Compost is broken down organic matter used as a fertilizer to amend soil. Compost is typically made from green material, such as yard or food waste, and uses a multi-step decomposition process involving careful, chemical (and all-natural) conversion of the waste to usable, nutrient-rich product.
  • Is compost a fertilizer?
    Yes, compost can be viewed as an organic, all-natural fertilizer. It is rich in nutrients and well-suited for small or large gardens, landscaping, horticulture, and agriculture. Compost acts as a soil conditioner, fertilizer, and natural pesticide for soil.
  • What are the benefits of compost?
    At a high-level, compost is ideal for: - Amending soil - Enhancing organic matter - Supporting root growth - Reproduction of soil microorganisms - Soil structure improvement - Reducing nutrient loss by plant leaching Since compost acts as a nutrient-rich, all-natural fertilizer, it provides the perfect growth environment and ideal conditions for plants of all kinds. In short, compost helps to increase water retention and infiltration, plant-available nutrients, and root growth. It reduces the need for chemical fertilizers as well as reduces plant diseases and pests by increasing beneficial bacteria.
  • Can I plant directly into the compost?
    It’s recommended to mix compost together with soil to help give it extra texture and body. It can be tilled directly into the soil to help boost the level of organic matter and fertility of the soil being used. Depending on your current soil conditions, different amounts of compost should be used (we can help you decide the appropriate amount to use in your project).
  • Who should use compost?
    Anyone putting in a new lawn or garden should be using Busy Bee Compost to help nourish healthy plant growth. Because compost is comprised of a wide variety of different micro- and macro-organisms, Busy Bee Compost should be used yearly for big or small projects, from small gardens to big harvests, in order to aid in the growth of healthy produce, plants, and flowers.
  • Do you offer consulting for home or commercial?
    Yes, Busy Bee has provided compost consulting in the past for both businesses, farmers, and home gardeners and would be happy to help you with your current project. Give us a call at 920-918-9539 and we can talk about your specific needs.
  • What is Busy Bee Compost made from?
    Busy Bee Compost is made from all-natural yard waste materials including leaves, grass clippings, and other plant-based organic matter. We do not use kitchen waste or animal manures in our compost. See a list of accepted yard waste materials used in our compost here.
  • Is your compost sterile?
    Yes, temperatures are recorded daily to make sure the temperatures of the windrows reach temperatures that kill of any unwanted pathogens, weed seeds, and toxins. Learn more about Busy Bee's history and compost process.
  • Is your compost organic and does it meet organic standards?
    Our compost is OMRI organic certified and comprised of all organic materials and meets organic standards. Busy Bee Compost has been used for years by organic farmers and organic gardeners.
  • How old is your compost?
    Busy Bee Compost is less than a year old as we cycle our product yearly.
  • Does it smell like manure?
    Absolutely not. Busy Bee Compost does not contain any animal manures. Busy Bee Compost smells earthy, like typical soil. Busy Bee monitors the compost every day to make sure it stays aerobic and healthy.
  • Is it safe for children and pets?
    Yes, Busy Bee Compost is produced using all natural materials without any chemical additives.
  • Why should I use Busy Bee Compost?
    Busy Bee has used the same process for over 30 years, serving the best organic compost to Wisconsin’s local farmers, businesses, and homeowners for both big and small projects alike. We strive for unmatched consistency, monitoring the composting process daily, screening for garbage, and recording temperatures to ensure the purest product possible. Our compost is comprised of 100% all-natural, organic matter and no additives are used at any point during the process, making our product completely home, pet, and child-friendly.
  • What is the cost for round trip delivery?
    Deliveries cost $110 an hour for a round trip. If purchasing over 8 yards, deliveries are made with our Quad axel dump truck. The rate for the Quad is $120/hr round trip. Click here to see delivery information.
  • How far do you deliver?
    Busy Bee delivers throughout the whole Wisconsin and Midwest area, from upper Michigan to Minnesota to southern Wisconsin.
  • When can you deliver?
    Delivery is available six days a week, Monday through Saturday.
  • Is there a minimum or maximum order for deliveries?
    There is no minimum order for deliveries; however, there is a 8-yard maximum for standard deliveries. A dump truck may be used on larger orders depending on size and location of delivery. Contact us for a quote on larger orders.
  • Do you offer rush delivery?
    Rush delivery is available, but not guarenteed due to potential scheduling conflicts. Deliveries need a 2-day minimum notice.
  • What types of payment are accepted?
    Cash, check, or card is accepted for standard deliveries. For larger orders, quad-axel dump truck deliveries will be billed separately from Busy Bee Compost via the trucking company.
  • How do I schedule a delivery?
    Call Marcus at 920-918-9539 to set up a delivery
  • When can I drop off yard waste materials?
    You can drop-off yard waste materials at any time. Both drop-off locations are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There will be a drop-off sign directing where to drop off your yard waste. Please only drop-off leaves, grass clippings, and garden waste.
  • Can we drop off kitchen waste?
    No, at this time we do not accept kitchen or food waste at Busy Bee as it would interfere with our current composting process.
  • What materials do you accept?
    We accept yard waste such as weeds, leaves, grass clippings, dead flowers or plants, non-woody yard waste, acorns, pine cones, needles, sod, and garden waste.
  • What materials do you NOT accept?
    We do not accept brush, sticks, branches, stems, stumps, trees waste, wood chips, kitchen waste, animal waste, rocks, paper materials, or garbage in general.
  • When can I pick-up compost?
    Please call ahead to ensure we are on-site and not out on delivery for the day.
  • Can I bring my own container to fill with your compost?
    Yes, you can bring your own container to fill with compost. We will load any truck or trailer as well. There is a 1-yard minimum to fill your own container or to pick up. 1-yard of compost is roughly 1,500 lbs so make sure you bring a trailer or vehicle that can haul this amount. If you don’t need this amount for your project, pre-bagged compost is available for purchase at both locations.
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