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Serving the Wisconsin and Midwest Area

Offering high-quality compost
for over 26 years


Experienced and Locally-Owned

supporting Wisconsin’s local farmers, businesses, and homeowners for over 26 years.

Busy Bee Compost has used the same process for 26 years, serving the best organic compost to Wisconsin’s local farmers, businesses and homeowners for both big and small projects alike. We strive for unmatched consistency, monitoring the composting process daily, screening for garbage, and recording temperatures to ensure the purest product possible as we produce over 3,200 yards of compost per year.

Our compost is comprised of 100% all-natural, organic matter and no additives are used at any point during the process, making our product completely home, pet, and child-friendly.



for your home

Using compost around your lawn or garden is guaranteed to produce healthier plants, flowers, and a greener lawn, reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, and improve the overall appearance of your shrubs, gardens, and landscaping.

for your business

Available for deliveries across Wisconsin and the Midwest region, Busy Bee Compost knows how important a high-quality product and reliable service is to your success and has already partnered with many local farmers and businesses.


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your local source for yard waste recycling

Busy Bee Compost is creating a more sustainable future by removing organic yard waste from landfills, recycling it, and returning it to the soil as an environmentally-safe compost product for farmers, gardeners and landscapers. Busy Bee Compost is a nutrient-rich soil amendment product of decomposed organic yard waste. 


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We offer delivery services to the Wisconsin and Midwest area.


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Our free 24/7 drop-off site is available to accept your organic yard waste at your convenience. 



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Available throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest Area

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