Busy Bee Compost

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Busy Bee Compost (previously Busy Bee Gardens) began 26 years ago when Carl Belohlavek began exploring how to improve the soil health for the ginseng he was growing. He started creating compost for himself (roughly 20 yards). As he witnessed the fantastic results in his own ginseng produce, he began to offer the compost for free to locals to use in their own gardens. At the same time, locals needed a place to dump their yard waste and so the drop-off site was established. For many years, Busy Bee Compost grew in popularity, consistently selling out year after year.

Meet Marcus

Marcus Gamoke, Current Owner

A love for compost began when I enrolled in a composting class as a junior in college. Eventually touring the very Busy Bee Gardens I would eventually come to purchase and own, the tour with my classmates opened my eyes to an industry I discovered I cared deeply about. The process of recycling yard waste to create a quality, organic product that improved soil health was fascinating to me.

Over the next few years, I kept in contact with the owner, volunteering my time at Busy Bee Gardens in return for knowledge about the composting industry. Working alongside the owner allowed me to learn the ins and outs of how Busy Bee Compost had been created and perfected over the past 26 years. I started to realize I could see myself working in this industry after graduation.

As my passion and knowledge grew, I began discussions about possibly purchasing the business. After a year of setting up investment portfolios, business plans, cash flows, and countless bank meetings, I purchased Busy Bee Gardens shortly after graduating college with a degree in Soil and Land Management.

My vision for the business is to expand it state-wide, with the hopes to eventually sell compost nationally. Future plans also include opening a second location near Plymouth, Wisconsin (my hometown).


About Our product

Busy Bee has used the same process for 26 years, serving the best organic compost to Wisconsin’s local farmers, businesses, and homeowners for both big and small projects alike. We strive for unmatched consistency, monitoring the composting process daily, screening for garbage, and recording temperatures to ensure the purest product possible. Our compost is comprised of 100% all-natural, organic matter and no additives are used at any point during the process, making our product completely home, pet, and child-friendly.


  • Loader - for moving compost and yard waste
  • Compost turner – for guaranteeing an even mixture to keep the temperatures consistent, creating a consistent product, and turning windrows easily
  • Screener – for screening compost to make sure garbage, sticks, and unwanted material gets sorted out of our product
  • Bagger – for filling bags of compost