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Composting for Your Home and Garden

Using compost around your lawn or garden will produce healthier plants, a greener lawn, reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, and improve the overall appearance of your shrubs and flowers.

Busy Bee Compost is all-natural and organic with no additives or chemicals used during the composting process. It is ideal for home gardens and landscaping. It is also 100% pet- and child-friendly.


Yard and garden benefits

Compost is ideal for yards and gardens of all sizes. Experienced gardeners call compost “black gold” because it is so rich in nutrients. It aids in enhancing the soil structure so foliage, flowers, produce, plants, and other shrubs can grow in the most ideal setting. Whether you are starting a new garden, or have been gardening for years, compost will truly improve the outcome of your home’s landscaping.

Since compost acts as a nutrient-rich, all-natural fertilizer, it provides the perfect growth environment and ideal conditions for plants of all kinds. In short, compost helps to increase water retention and infiltration, plant-available nutrients, and root growth. It reduces the need for chemical fertilizers as well as reduces plant diseases and pests by increasing beneficial bacteria.

At a high-level, compost is ideal for:

  • Amending soil

  • Enhancing organic matter

  • Supporting root growth

  • Reproduction of soil microorganisms

  • Soil structure improvement

  • Reducing nutrient loss by plant leaching


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